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         Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced Range Review

Last month I received a surprise box from Cosmodern. Yayyyy! I have been their fan since 2010 and I was so excited when I heard Cosmoderm is launching Perfect Balanced on 27th January 2021. I am very glad to get the opportunity to  join their virtual launching last month. So inshaAllah today I am going to share my thoughts about them. Let's check it out!

I was really excited when I opened the box, so pretty and of course because it is PINK!! fefeling like you got a barbie doll house gituuu.


1. Foaming Cleanser.
2. Toning Lotion.
3. Soothing WOW Cream.
4. Sun Milk SPF25PA++

Okay apa yang best mengenai skincare range terbaru  dari Cosmoderm ni sebab Perfect Balanced ni ada 2 key ingredients yang best which are PREBIOTIC + CALAMINE. Other than that, these skincare series are SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES and SENSITIVE SKIN as it is FREE from PARABEN, FRAGRANCE and ARTIFICIAL COLORANT.

All the products texture are in PINK COLOR (from calamine).

1. The Foaming Cleanser ( 120ml, RM29.90)


A gentle sulfate-free cleanser that deep pore cleanses & purifies skin while soothes redness and enhances skin absorption of other nourishing ingredients.


I have been using this products for about 3 weeks ++ and alhamdulillah it is ok with my skin. At first  I just want to patch test whether the product is suitable for me or not and after tried it out on first and second day I noticed that the product does not cause my skin to break out or any redness and I continuously using this until now . Fyi, I got a sensitive skin and alhamdulillah they have prove that this product is suitable for all skin type even for sensitive skin.

You just need to put small amount of cleanser and it turns out very foamy as it name foaming cleanser.  I also did not feel any tightness or dryness after using  this cleanser.  I like it because before this I try to avoid any foaming cleanser and only choose gel cleanser because of my sensitive skin but this one is really ok for my skin.

The Toning Lotion ( 120ml, RM45.90)


A soothing treatment toning lotion formulated with 20,000ppm calamine and prebiotic to calm and soothe redness whilst awaken  skin absorption ability hence increase skin's moisture.


I have been using this products for about 3 weeks ++ and alhamdulillah it is ok with my skin. I love using this after cleansing and love how this product easily absorbs into my skin. But you must shake the bottle every time before use as it may cause sediment to occur. It is just simple way to apply this to your skin, after cleansing, pour toning lotion onto palm and then pat gently onto face, not like your regular toning lotion where you need to put some amount of toning lotion onto cotton pads then apply to your face. I just like this new method of applying toning lotion (for me) as I feel like wearing bedak sejuk! haha 

The Soothing WOW cream ( 50ml, RM65.00)


This lightweight cream is formulated with concentrated calamine and 30,000ppm prebiotic that soothes and calm skin while improving its barrier. With triple moisturise boosts complex, it helps to restore skin's moisture as well as lightens blemishes on skin surfaces.

WOW is actually Water-in Oil-in Water.


I normally will avoid applying moisturiser into my skin though I knew that moisturiser is among the basic skincare that you should must put in your daily routine but due to my sensitive skin it hard for me to find a suitable one as normally the moisturisers that I had bought mostly from drug store will cause itchiness for my skin even I buy for the sensitive one :( But, the Soothing WOW cream that does not cause any itchiness to my skin yay! Finally I found one.

Besides, I love the packaging as it is in pump bottle and very hygiene other than cream in a jar. The texture was lightweight  however it may take time in order the texture to absorb into your skin, maybe because the WOW water oil water texture.

The Sun Milk SPF25PA++ ( 50ml, RM65.00)


This daily Sun Milk with SPF25PA++ protects skin against UVA and UVB. It improves skin's surface protection againts environment stress. Also helps for sunburn relief and dry skin.


I would say Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced range is a very complete skincare series as it have all basic skincare that everyone need to apply everyday including sunscreen/sunblock that play very important in skincare routine. I love the texture so much as it is very light weight and easily absorbs into my skin. In terms of SPF and PA rating, I would love if they have SPF30 to 50 with PA 4 plus in order to protect our skin well against the UVA and UVB. Don't forget to apply your sunscreen with amount as per two fingers (enough protection from UVA and UVB). Anyhow, I am no expert in skincare especially the suncreen, I just share my personal thought and through my reading.

All in all, my favorite among all of these is  Perfect Balanced Toning Lotion. I love all their pink bottle packaging and the texture as well. You can get all of these products at your nearest Guardian or Watson store or go to the link below :

Thank you!

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