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Product Name : Hydra Soft Hydrating Plus Essence
Product Brand : Syahirah
Product Type : Essence
Weight : 30ml
Price : RM29.90

Ingredients : High concentrated actives of Vitamin B5 & Hyaluronic Acid that helps to replenish skin with intense hydration and powerful moisturizing properties to keep the skin hydrated and moisture.
Jeju Green Tea - Hydrate & moisture skin and gives the healthy looking skin

Benefits : Dermatologically tested
100% improvement on flaky skin
56% damaged skin repairing
42% soothes irritated skin

Ohh yaa Happy New Year 2023 everyone! So, what's is your new skincare resolution? :P

Last month, I received a very beautiful parcel from Syahirah. Cantik sangat, Pink Love Box, I love it! To be honest, I memang dah kenal brand Syahirah ni dari zaman sekolah menengah lagi and memang terjebak jugak pakai this brand waktu sekolah dulu. In fact, my office mate pun masih pakai cleanser this brand sampai sekarang (I tumpang pinjam jur, love the scent too). 

Let's get to know about Syahirah Korean Secrets?

Its formulated with high quality of natural ingredients from Jeju Island in Korea (wowwww that's why its Syahirah KOREAN Secrets)

The most important part, Syahirah Korean Secrets is certified Halal by JAKIM and it suitable for all type of skin. (yayyyy)

2 range of Syahirah Korean Secrets :

1. White Glow
2. Hydra Soft

I received and got opportunity to try Syahirah Korean Secret, Hydra Soft Range. Syahirah Korean Secrets Hydra Soft range brings you with high quality natural ingredients from Jeju Island in Korea.

 This range alive the Korean Secrets for naturally good looking and healthy skin which is instant hydrated, soothe & provide moisture to your skin.

Improving NEW FORMULA - Jeju Green Tea, Vitamin B5 & Hyaluronic Acid

Essence - 100% improvement on skin which helps to brighten, hydrate, even the skin tone

My thoughts :

The texture is very lightweight & watery type. I love how the texture absorb well into my skin just within a few second. So tak perlu tunggu lama pun dah boleh apply next skincare. Its also has a good scent which I love it. Rasa calming sangat tau bau dia. This product is free from paraben, alcohol and mineral oil.

Get your Syahirah Korean Secrets at your nearest store to get a natural, glowing & healthy skin like your Korean Idol & actresses!

Thank you so much Syahirah!

Till then, byeee!

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  1. Menariknyaa tengok produk syahirah ni..

  2. Wah menarik betul produk syahirah yang baru ni. Boleh cuba nanti 🥰

  3. wah.. hijau pulak.. macam best je..

  4. Thanks for sharing, nanti sis nak try this essence juga

  5. Anonymous5/28/2023

    Nice post thank you Joe

  6. Thank you for the positive impact your words have on my perspective.