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Assalamualaikum. Salam 11th ramadhan people. So how was your raya preparation, I know its still early to some people to prepare about raya thingy while we are towards worship to Allah SWT but lets spend our time wisely. Bukan apa buad preparation awal awal senang, nanti in the end tak perlu nak kalut, ye daaak? Since lazada has established their 'riang ria raya 2015'  thru their website, so i would like to suggest all of you what you can buy thru lazada plus the discount up to 90% *whoaaaaaaaaa* 
Let checks it out people! :)


1. ZADA Dewi Jubah Golden Brown

I love this jubah so much because brown is my favourite colour and when you add dark blue square scarft mashaAllah it was a very perfect combination at least for me :) This jubah by lazada was simple and plain making it suitable for you to perform eid prayer  and the important thing it was a loose fitting jubah and since it was very plain, it of course can be worn anytime during any event even to the class or office. Apart from that, the price after 50% discount is only RM100, a very must have jubah.

2. COMO Greek Valentine Sandals Gold

okay baju dah adaa, so now kasut pulak. Sandal ni memang nampak simple but idk i found it so stylish and extraordinary making me to order this sandal for my raya. Besides, i love the combination of both clour which are black and brown gold, plus its match to the jubah very well kann.

3. MANGO Quilted Chain Strap Handbag (Black)

okay baju dah ada, kasut dah ada, so now handbag pulak, benda paling wajib untuk perempuan sebab segala benda nak dimasukkan. And i found this mango bag is very cute. The price was cheaper than you buy online thru ig shop. If you dont believe me, you can check now through ig, They selling this bag too expensive. And yeahh it a blackest black , it match very well kann with any of your outfit. Hehe

So yeahhhh with only RM200, you already got the perfect outfit for your 1st Syawal from Lazada. *now you can rest and goyang kaki* . Apa lagi p cepat bukak website lazada

Lazada Malaysia akan mengadakan jualan eksklusif raya selama sebulan bermula 11 June hingga 15 July 2015  danSPECIAL "Riang Ria Raya - Jualan Terhebat" bermula 24 June hingga 26 June 2015 iaitu 24 hari sebelum perayaan Syawal. Lazada akan menawarkan promosi menarik serta tawaran eksklusif untuk pelbagai kategori selama 3 hari untuk membantu persiapan raya nanti. 

Boleh mula shopping raya dengan klik Riang Ria Raya 2015 :

Dapatkan apa yang di inginkan untuk musim perayaan ini, dari telefon bimbit, tablet dan peralatan elektronik hinggalah ke fesyen koleksi raya, barangan rumah untuk dekorasi raya. Meriahkan raya anda dengan Lazada! 


Ini adalah Blogger Contest anjuran Lazada Malaysia dengan kerjasama sayaiday. 6 Pemenang bertuah akan dipilih untuk memenangi hadiah Gopro 4 dan Duit Raya ! Untuk sertai contest ini, sila ke blog sayaiday dengan ke link ini :LINK CONTEST  

+ Syarat- syarat penyertaan :
  1. Jumlah barang mestilah 3 atau lebih. Jika kurang dari 3, penyertaan dibatalkan.
  2. Link URL product/barang mestilah boleh di klik. 
  3. Sila letakkan link blog di ruangan komen. Kalau tak boleh komen, boleh submit url dekat email :
  4. Contest ini hanya valid jika terdapat lebih dari 20 penyertaan, so sila ajak kawan-kawan untuk join :) 
  5. Contest bermula hari ini iaitu 19 June hingga 30 June (12 tengahari)

Pemenang untuk hadiah Gopro 4 akan dipilih berdasarkan refferal paling banyak ke website Lazada Malaysia (guna Google Analytic Lazada) manakala hadiah duit raya secara random :)

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Got back home late from work? 
No transport to go to your favourite restaurant?
Lazy to cook?
Craving for cakes, pizza, chatime and etc?
Lazy to go out?

You have one of the problem that i had mentioned above? if yes, dont worry because i will share with you guys what the solution for your problem. Have you been heard about FOOD PANDA? if no, yaa im exciting to share with you guys what is FOOD PANDA all about. 

FoodPanda is an online food delivery service that makes it easy for customers to order food from the best restaurants in Malaysia and get it delivered at their home. And guess what with more than 500 restaurants to choose from, foodpanda makes food delivery in Malaysia faster, easier and more convenient. 

Furthermore, you can order food from popular international chains like Tony Roma's, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Sushi King, Chatime, 7-Eleven, Canadian Pizza Malaysia and many more. Does it heard exciting and im sure you excited to hear this!

On 19th December, i went to PWTC to have our YES shopping with my two favourite girl which are Sameerah and Wafa. since there were no many restaurant around that area and since we are so tired on that after having our shopping, so i decided to order our lunch through foodpanda. We are just waiting for about 1 hour and few minutes. Firstly, you need to register first at the website. Then, you just need to click the area where you at right now, then there will provide the restaurant that cover on that area, so after that you can choose your favourite restaurant and what type of food that you want. Then you can choose to pay through online or by cash on delivery. After that, you just need to wait until the foodpanda's delivery guy come to your next door. Wowwwwww, its so easy right!

so lets check and scrolled what i have been ordered through food panda. Since Dome Restaurant are too famous, so why not i tried for this restaurant since i have never been there before.

its cost all about  RM 116.51 *including tax and delivery charges*


it tastes so delicous especially the spaghetti.



Yayyy foodpanda delivery man had arrived!

*FoodPanda delivery man* 
All i can say that they had served a good service to their customers. The food was reached within the estimated time and the food also was still in good condition. Highly recommended to order your food from foodpanda.



DOWNLOAD HERE : *its become more easy to order if you done download it*




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