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Got back home late from work? 
No transport to go to your favourite restaurant?
Lazy to cook?
Craving for cakes, pizza, chatime and etc?
Lazy to go out?

You have one of the problem that i had mentioned above? if yes, dont worry because i will share with you guys what the solution for your problem. Have you been heard about FOOD PANDA? if no, yaa im exciting to share with you guys what is FOOD PANDA all about. 

FoodPanda is an online food delivery service that makes it easy for customers to order food from the best restaurants in Malaysia and get it delivered at their home. And guess what with more than 500 restaurants to choose from, foodpanda makes food delivery in Malaysia faster, easier and more convenient. 

Furthermore, you can order food from popular international chains like Tony Roma's, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Sushi King, Chatime, 7-Eleven, Canadian Pizza Malaysia and many more. Does it heard exciting and im sure you excited to hear this!

On 19th December, i went to PWTC to have our YES shopping with my two favourite girl which are Sameerah and Wafa. since there were no many restaurant around that area and since we are so tired on that after having our shopping, so i decided to order our lunch through foodpanda. We are just waiting for about 1 hour and few minutes. Firstly, you need to register first at the website. Then, you just need to click the area where you at right now, then there will provide the restaurant that cover on that area, so after that you can choose your favourite restaurant and what type of food that you want. Then you can choose to pay through online or by cash on delivery. After that, you just need to wait until the foodpanda's delivery guy come to your next door. Wowwwwww, its so easy right!

so lets check and scrolled what i have been ordered through food panda. Since Dome Restaurant are too famous, so why not i tried for this restaurant since i have never been there before.

its cost all about  RM 116.51 *including tax and delivery charges*


it tastes so delicous especially the spaghetti.



Yayyy foodpanda delivery man had arrived!

*FoodPanda delivery man* 
All i can say that they had served a good service to their customers. The food was reached within the estimated time and the food also was still in good condition. Highly recommended to order your food from foodpanda.



DOWNLOAD HERE : *its become more easy to order if you done download it*




The Butterfly Project-Beauty Bloggers

Happy Reading Guys !♥


Assalamualaikum and Hi!

Sorry because its took a long time for me to update here since my last post. being 4th year student is not that easy, so many thing you need to deal with it, please pray for me :)

recently there were so many types of beauty box from various brands but today i will introduce one beauty box which is definitely differs from other beauty box. Do you ever heard abt Modbox beauty box? if NO, please stay with me until my last and you will know why i said this beuty box is different from others. The concept of this type beauty box, it only will provide three samples that you can choose in, and guess it how much? its only cost RM9 excluding postage. please say that it is very cheap! if anyone said that " its only a sample laaa". do you thought that sample is cheap? not that really.

why its important to try a sample first? sebabnya we do not know whether that product are suitable with us, sangat membazir and rugi bila beli produk yang full size but in the end tak sesuai pun dengan kulit awak, kann dah rugi duit tu. jadinya bila beli sample dulu, klu tak elok or sesuai dengan kulit, atleast xda laa rugi mana kann nak buang AND if kalau elok pulak, bole teruskan dengan beli yang full size punya. atau kita nak try sesuatu produk but yet tak sure whether its suit well with our skin, so we can start with sample first.

tapi tak semestinya korang bole beli sample jaa, ada yang full sized. and paling best kalau nk free postage, shopping laa sehingga RM100.

What i got from these beauty box:

-  Body Exfoliating Spray (300ml FULL SIZE (Retail: RM75)
-Natural Handmade Soap ( 60 - 80g (Retail: RM14 - RM16)
-Acne Defense Concealer Stick (1.2g FULL SIZE (Retail: RM24.90)
-OxyAqua Gel Cream (5ml tube (RM150 for 30ml)
-Satin Makeup Base ( 10ml tube (Retail: RM67.50 for 15ml)
-Intensive Lifting Eye and Lip Cream (2 x 2g sachets (Retail: RM90 for 15ml)
-Talc-Free Rice Baby Powder (2 x 3.3g sachets (RM6.90 for 50g)



You can only choose three samples and yeah its cost only RM9 + delivery (postage)


For more information :

*i will share with you in my next update, each of every this product, wait until my new post!

Happy Reading Guys !♥