11:38:00 PM

salam alaik .

heyy heyy , long time no post ==
actually dis week n past a few week just a bit busy with many assgment n alhamdulilah , all praised to ALLAH , one by one assgmnet is already completed n submitted . so , yesterday i had my slept at 5a.m n sumthng . i just had rest aroud at 1 a.m until 2 a.m , had a slept for a while . then , my roomate had wake up me at 2 o clock. tenkiuh cik mun ! jazakillah khoiron kaseero . i dun no wat to say if i'm not wake up at this time as the assgment of FIKH N MUJTAMA' should be submitted on today that is 30thDec2010 . Just imagined , i just complete it 20% maybe. then stating at 2 a.m until 5 a.m. ALHAMDULILAH , kullu qolas n had already submitted to Ustaz Wan .

Here , im alone at my room because both my roomate back home , diana ( Kedah ) and murni (Kelatan ) , but luckly i still have my housemate , syaheera n irah . "KOLEJ KEDIAMAN CAMELIA COURT " , sunyi sepi ======

* actually post ni d tulis khamis malam but cna ley tetido , so ari ni baru bule post .

besides , wanna to say A BIG HUGE TENKIUH SO MUCH to .. 20122010 ! =)

* THANKS jugak buad cik MYNA NUR ats ucapan yg special dalam BELOG tuu ! =)
BUAD kawan2 yang lain jugak , ALYA , QIDAH , NEDD , DLILA !

lots of LOVE ,

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