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6:49:00 PM

After 3 days of Ta'aruf Week , we had a ASLP ( Arabic Support Language Program) which held for two days , Saturday and Monday. And Today , i had my first day of lecture and tutorial. Alhamdulilah , everythings went well. New faculty , new lecturer , new hostel and of course new friends. Everythings is NEW , haha ==

my first lecture , Al Madkhal ila al-fiqh wa al-fatwa by doktor Azman. quite interesting. He taught us very well . sir Akhdiat and ustazah Manal , glad to accepted them as our new lecturer ~:)

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  1. yeah totally what we learn in madkhal tamhidi is quite similar with madhkal ila fiqh wa fatwa :)hopefully we all could strive this subject smoothly insyAllah

  2. yan ; yup , absolutely right ;) and quite similar with fiqh wal mujtama' that we learn in sem 2 tamhidi , ' farqu baina syariah wa feqah ' , did you notice it ? ~^_^

    yan , maseh belanja makan td , hiihiii

  3. Salam :)
    hope to know you better~

  4. nazirah ; Thank You!^_^

  5. aina ; Wassalam!^_^
    yeah , InsyaAllah. nice to know you .