I love you Assignments

12:15:00 AM

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

just to sum up all my activities today !^_^

Hello Assignments ~! i only spent this weekend at my hostel (KK1) rather than hang out to Mid Valley, Times Square, Alamanda even Mydin Nilai and whatsoever , just today as early as 8 in the morning , we already had arabic discussion group(muzakkaroh). While at noon , again discussion group but in subject madkhal fiqh wal fatwa, at first we decided to go to library , but after we had lunch at cafe , we feel like to have our discussion only at cafe. Later at 3.30pm , discussion group for english subject , Alhamdulilah , praised to Allah , we managed to complete it well~ yes , at night too , discussion for law subject. All these our group assignment! being too busy , you may say that i'm just like NYDP , haha. but its reality, i'm really busy today with those assignments. tired !XD

* hehee , ptg tu smpt pegi Giant Nilai kejap *

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  1. awesome majnun !

  2. hahaha, same goes with me :)

  3. Shero ; majnun majnun !:D *bi takkid*

    Yan ; kannn , ke'busy'an yg tersangad ~:)