Setadi Week

4:05:00 PM

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamualaikum. nothing much to blog time flies , it's already June and this is a really important month, at least for me because it's june and yeah  study week had just begin :)  My final exam is just around the corner and it about two weeks, then need to attend ESLP and ASLP programmes, well USIM kann. Hohoo, i just want to finish all these things and go back home to have my so called three months semester break :')

True Friends Last Forever!
lepas habes lecture Business yakni lecture yang last pd 30thMay around 9.30pm waktu Malaysia yakni semua mates time tuu dh merontaa rontaa ' sirr, dh laa' ... 'laa, tak habes lagi ke' . so kiterang konvoi tiga kereta pegi makan dekat Restoran Kawah Thai, area UIA Nilai and MNC. and rasanya restoran ni dah jadi restoran rasmi bebudaks BLC01 untuk konvoi makan. kann kann kann 

 phewwit , last tandatangan utk kehadiran. my second semester of degree is coming to the end and i have another six semester to finish up all, inshaAllah. say hello to semester three in advanced. Hahaa.  #DahKenapaSemangatNi

O' Allah, pleasee give me strength. i know i can do this :) yeah , so do youu friends!

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