12:30:00 AM

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


scrolling down the TL and everybody's talking about 12/12/12. but i dont care because i still hv to go to class on lecture Ulum AlQuran and Administration of Islamic Law. Chayyok! Alhamdulillah , Mid Term Exam is over and less than three weeks before Final exam. Three freaking weeks i guess. Hv KFC time with my usual girls.

Two more assignments and 1 presentation left :) Fiqh Muamalt | Law | Ulum Hadith
May Allah ease everything , inshAllahu Ta'ala.

Byee , sudden craving fr wondermilk cupcake :D

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  1. amal ble kita nak pegi wondermilk nih, :)