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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

*sorry for my veghy veghy long post and my bad grammar*

Alhamdulillah on 29th June 2013 i attended Being Me : Muslimah Empowered conference in PICC. I was so happy to go there as  the ticket was sponsored by TvAlhijrah and i really want to go this as i wrote in my previous post.
i bet some of you did not know  what this program all abt , so let me tell you a little bit abt this programme. Being Me:Muslimah Empowered is a conference organized by women for women. Being Me offers lectures by prominent speakers and leaders: in depth workshops on health, society, careers and other pertinent issues.

The ever inspiring Sis Zohra Sarwari

Firstly thankyou so much pqah for drive all the way from Nilai to PICC for sending me. Pegi event langsung tak kenal sesapa , i meant org yg tak penah jumpa lg. sampai2 tu terus pegi booth TvAlhijrah nk tuntut hadiah, ingatkan dapat tiket je rupanyaa siap dapat goodie bag lagi. Hoyeh! lepas tu terus pegi jumpa syifa, first time jumpaa n syifa sangatlahh cantik.

Thankyouu so much TVAlhijrah

The convention starts with recitation of Quran by Sharifah Khasif. lepas tu we ols (me and syifa) sgtlaah dilemma sebabnya lepas tu ada 2 talk yg best pada waktu yg sama, kt main hall Prof Muhaya and satu lagi workshop pulak bro Fatih Serferagic. we need to choose it either one. so we decided to go to Fatih Serferagic since dia bukan senang nak ada kt malaysia kann, tp memang takde rezeki sgt, sebabnya kiterang dah masuk dh workshop tu pastu pikir ehh ini silap hall kot then tanpa pikir panjang terus keluar pastu pelik asal ramai tengah beratur nk masuk dewan yg kiterang bru nk keluar tu , bila keluar ohh myy betul laa dewaaan tuu. pastu kiterang nk masuk lain mmg dah tak bolee sb hall dh ditutup sb untuk workshop mmg hall dia kecik sikit. sembang dengan syifa then dia cakap memang takde rezeki kitaa laa sebab dah masuk kot lepastu cool je keluar balik. dan Alhamdulillah , everything happen for a reason, a very inspiring talk by Prof Muhaya , i really need this kind of talk , really. mmg sgt rasa ditegur. Alhamdulillah. i would say tht i'm really love w Prof Muhaya, the way how she deliver her speech melts me. 
Here are some gems from the conference i would like to share with those who couldnt make it on tht day.


* Whoever do not love herself will never be loved.
* Whatever you do, you will get back.
* If you say you're OKAY, you're NOT HAPPY actually.
* Last 5 mins before you get sleep, muhasabah time.
* Our life is our reflection.
* Life in earth is reflection in Hereafter.
* Everyone of us hv our own attractor.
* Accept people on what they are.
* Busy looking at other, then you will not looking yrself.
* Have you been in this situation? when you wake up in the morning , then you feel stress? so then , you need to do Taubat and istighfar.
* If you want to get happiness, you must cause other's happiness.
* 75% of today's disease are related to mental illness. whoaaa ? 



He had told us how he had embraced Islam as before he is a non muslim. so that he had read AlQuran to prove tht this book is actually wrong but after he had finish reading AlQuran only for three days and he find out that this is the book (ALQURAN) tht no doubt. 

"This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those concious of Allah." {Al-Baqarah: 2}

We don't do anything for no reason except to please Allah and to enter Jannah. Jannah is only for perfection.

Allah has created us perfectly and we hv a weaknesses, and we will screw up bcs its human nature and when we screw up , we must repent and get back to Allah bcs  Allah is the Most Forgiving and Merciful. Allah didn't make any mistakes when He created us, we need to see ourselves the way He sees us.

Lastly, AlQuran is a guide who had feel to Allah. AlQuran is the GPS of our life, without this book we will lost.


Khadija r.a Khuwailid

Fatimah Bt Mohammad


Fatimah Al Khattab

Asma B. Abi Bakar r.a

Aisyah r.a

Ummu Salamah

*Don't be afraid even to make a small change.
*When you put everything not more than Allah, Allah will make it easy.
*Real happiness is in heart where Allah SWT give to you.
*Modesty is not inside, Cleanliness is from the inside.
*Read sahabiyat's story or their book. you will be good like them inshaAllah.
*Don't worry it's doesnt matter even what kind of your deed, except for the sake of Allah.
*Avoiding the Haram and sticking to Halal. there is also a hadith regarding this. 


*Before doing anything remember Allah, bcs He created us.

*Everything that we have is for Allah.
*Let's reflect yourself, see if Allah is there to help you set your goals.
*Allah know us better.
*Recognize Allah first, think for yourself and remind that he created us.


*Being open minded is important.

*What you give, you get back!
*You make your father/mother angry that it's mean you make Allah angry.
*Willing to change.
*Make a dua' not only for you, for yr parent friends and other.
*Love your parent, you do not know how long you will hv w them. Make every moment count. 
*Forget everything, family always come first.

she also told us that whenever she got a call from her parents and at that time she's is giving her lecture or in important event, she will pick up the phone first. so here what reminds me whenever our parent call us even during our lecture or class, pleaseee pick up the phone, we do not know if there is emergency.


Those who please Allah, Allah will make ppl please w you.
The power of IMAN and DOA : is link to Allah.
Walk in based on Quran and Sunnah.
Listening to your heart not your ear.

He talked a lot about sisters that had in Quran. In fact, there is a surah just for a women , no for man. *An-Nisa'* SubhanAllah how much Allah love us. dear ladies, you're special, we're special!

Sorry talk yang last2 mmg tak berapa nk dengar sb dah tak larat lepastu dgn malamnya nk kejar balik Nilai sb pukul 10 tiket balik kedah. pukul 7 dah gerak balik Nilai. senanya event sampai pukul 10. sedih nak tinggalkan event senanya.

Met these lovely and inspiring people, Syifa, Mufidah, Dena, kak Ayesya and Nabihah, kak Lyna Kamal and kak Shahirah Elaiza.

Literally thousands women were there.

yeayyy , gift from OwhSoMuslim. take a pledge and this is for youuu :D

Alhamdulillah for this event , I'm planning to become a volunteer for the next event by Mercy Mission. sometime we need to give rather than accept  :') May Allah bless you w all the good things. Have faith brothers and sisters! i'm so sorry if i'm not able to convey the message correctly.

* RM150/RM100 is just nothing for this very lovely event not limited for talk only, there are also a workshop, attire muslimah fashion show, sister corner where a place you can pamper yrself.

siapa siapaa yang pergi, nak tambah lg notes atau korang nak share korang punya notes kindly tinggalkan link kt comments. Jazakumulllahu khayr kathir :') May Allah reward us with His goodness

Photography: Mufidah Mohammad n Amalina Nadri

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  1. hey, kite pon pegi jugak and takdapat nak msk hall fatih jugak sebab full. so sad.

  2. Farahin : kannn ramai betul org plus hall kecik sgt. patutnyaa fatih maybe dkt main hall kann :')

  3. salam singgah dan follow..
    inshaaAllah sy akan join event ni nti.. thn ni ada katpicc juga..14 jun ni.. excited nk pegi... :)