oh putrajaya ;)

6:56:00 PM

iLOVEPutrajaya !

* HAHA , bohong je tuhh , KEDAH still in my heart lahh *

Putrajaya has been declared as Federal Territory *and it houses all the government department and agencies. Putrajaya also known as garden city. Has beautiful landscapes and rich flora and fauna.

16th Februaryy 2011 warga Foundation Syariahh and Law

sampai je , tmpat 1st pegi PALACE of JUSTICE ! consist of Federal Court , Court of Appeal , Library , Dewann Persidangann .

ni pulakk , Court of Appeal . bepeluang dengar case yangg dijalankann . * bukan senang oh judges nak buad decision *

then , pegi Masjid Putrajaya. perform the solah there , lunch. we also went shopping at the souvenir shops to buy local handicraft .

assolatu imaaduddeen;)

Then we went to Taman Warisan Pertaniann , gave us oppurtunities to learn more about the Malaysian culture as well as the diffrent types of plants. Pic xdapat nk uplodd =(

Next , Botanical Garden. park in the city with ornamental gardens . There also a garden of traditional crops.

Go on a nature walk to explore the distinctive park . from this side , we can also take a look at PM's home which is called Seri Perdana with almost in green colour. there are also cycling paths but we choose to walk only and snapp picture because we are very tired.

last but not list , perform the solah asar at MTMZA , famous dengann nama Masjid Besi . unique sangadd !


pulang ke pangkal jalann , Bandar Baru Nilai lahh .

* I LIKE TO POST OLDER NEWS . soryy , my belog is mine not others ! *

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  1. salam.

    wah, seronoknya bakal-bakal lawyer ke sana sini ;)

    btw, as-solaatu 'imaaduddeen, rasanya lebih tepat kalau ikut matan hadis(solat itu tiang agama) instead of as-solaatu imaanuddeen :)

  2. wassalam.

    opss , ana mantabahtu. syukron !:)