Say Hi to Sem II !

6:20:00 PM

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


It's my first day of lectures. Welcome to the sem II of the degree life.
Everythings went well , almost.
Lectures were okay but the tutorial classes will start by next week. Tiga subject dh start belajar [ Fiqh al- Ibadat | General Principles of Malaysian Law | Prinsip dan Amalan Komunikasi Da'wah ]. Surprisingly, we got two foreign lecturer where one of them from Philipines and the other one from Egypt . sem II, please treat me nicely :') May Allah ease everythings , inshaAllah.

btw, i hope i can cope with another 3 years of degree life. * padahal , setahun pun tak hbes lg*

p/s : Hi , i'm blogging live from my room BLOK B, KK1 USIM, alone.roommates went to their class.

This Thursday , MUET speaking. please doakan sy , BarakAllahu fikum :')

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3 people comment this entry ^_^

  1. waa untunglah dah msuk sem baru, dah start blaja plak. kte result final hr tu pun tak kuar lg. keh3

    wish you best of luck my dearest friend !^^
    insyaAllah, the "najaah" belongs to you :)
    Allahumma aaamin~

  2. good luck ye :)
    harap2 semua sem berjalan lancar k :)

  3. Sheero : Hhahaaaa , awak mmg student U lain kannn :'D muahaha. well , USIM mmg suma benda nk settle cepat2 ;p

    Awak punn , Good luck. may success belong to us , inshaAllah , Allahumma amin.

    Iema : InshaAllah , Allahumma Amin , Thankyouu iema ! :)