No talks , pictures only .

9:03:00 PM

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Today is sunday , it's weekend. no wonder I'm so lazy to do anything.

so , as usual , Friday always free from class , so ..
Here lets the pictures do talking. Picture speaks louder right ? camera , scroll ^___^


Lepas dh habis guna baucer kt MPH , singgah laa kt Food Court , Mid Valley .
It's cost RM15 ( Nasi campur plus milo ice ) klu dekat campus , RM 15 for 5 hari lunch. Mmg terbaik kan. *tak sedap pong*

around Jalan TAR. while waiting for najwa and sam buying a books at Pustaka Minerwa.

we had so much fun walking around and we went to so many shops but honestly i don't remember their names , apart from met the ' weird person', terlari lari kiterang masuk kedai apa entah sb takut.Hhaha. And yeah KL is undeniably the best shopping city ever ! ^__^

Those who be with you when you're having bad time , those are your friends.real friends.

Allah is still the most amazing for giving me awesome friends :)

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  1. wiwwwiiiiittttttttttttt~
    ngeh2 :')

  2. 15 hengget??? jgn jejak situ lg la...hehee

  3. Shiro : phewittttt :')

    Mawar Qaseh : Betul , mmg tak akan jejak dh kedai tuu , ever ! :'D hehee

  4. rm15 for lunch agak mahal untuk student,. tapi sekali sekala tak apa kan? rewards utk diri sendiri. hehee

    btw, sis datang singgah sini. :)