so called cinta halal :')

8:38:00 PM

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Meh tgok vid ni meh , tp mesti ramai dh kann tgok.

suwittt gituu :') *lap air mata*i am really touched ~ they will getting married around the corner T_T

Yeayy! at last , i met her , Dena Bahrin and SubhanAllah it was awesome! she very gorgeous and cantik , natural beauty gituu ;') kann Sameerah kann.

and , like her fiance said kt dlm vid tuu , dena sgt mengambil berat tntg kwn2 diaa , and yes she are. even baru kenal dia and jumpa pun bp mins je but i knew she is really care about her friends plus with her very good attitude. I love denaa! She's truly an inspiring person. can impressed us to do a good things. do follow her on twitter and you may get some benefits from her tweet! :p *rasa mcm nak retweet je suma tweet dia*

btw , May Allah bless you denaaaa and ease everythings toward yr preparation fr yr wedding! :') Hope will see you soon !

Be Good,protect your dignity.inshaAllah your man will come at the right time for the best reason,to propose you to be his only wife :) -dena bahrin-

I do believe that oneday i'll have a husband that will say those words to me every second and also will guide me straight to Jannah :') amin ♥ - cik bubu-

Bila ckp pasai cinta , mohon ada yang tak ------ , Hhehe XD

k, Bye!

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  1. nak jumpa dengan beliau jugak.. :')

  2. untung tuan punya badan..huhu.

  3. wahhh...sgt sweet gitu :) im touch!

  4. Kreatif...

    Mesti dapat idea dari video luar negara ni... hehehe...

  5. orang yang sebelah dena tuh comel dan anggun jugakk :)

  6. Yuyu : hehe , sila sila :')
    Raihan : kan kannn :D
    Hafizah : so sweet!
    pink : yup , really touched :'(
    niera : hehe , next time inshaAllah :p
    blogleader : maybe :)
    yan : hamoii hamoihh :P

  7. alhamdulillah rezeki dya kan..syoknyaa..hehe..xpa kak amalina..nanti husna buat 1 video camnie bagi kat kak..hak3..:D

  8. husna : Hihiiii , okayy kak malina tunggu naaa ! :'D

  9. Anonymous4/11/2012

    waaaaa.....sweeet gilerrrr!!!... likeeeeeee sgt100x... aci x nk share kt FB??..heeee

  10. The witch gurl : bulee je dear. In fact , vid ni dlu pun dh heboh kt Fb. jgn lupa promote blog ni sekalo , Hhahaaa :'D *joke*

  11. wahh, so sweett. i loike.. nk snt jmpe dye meyhh.. hehe.. hye, done follow u. follow me back yea.. n comment tw3.. time kasih sngt. nice blog.

  12. Farah : hehe , kann. Okay , Thanks anyway follow! ='D

  13. Salam. Nice blog. Thanks sudi kasi link for view this blog. Sudi2 follow blog kami suami isteri '1992' ya. Hee. :)

  14. hehe..nice like..=) keep it up dear ^^

  15. video yang penuh dgn erti...
    nice blog...nih..

  16. haha..kami pun xpenah amek gmbr ngan dy...untungla dpt amek gmbr dgn dy..hehe

  17. memang sweet sgt kan, dah tgk masa heboh pasal ni dulu. hehee. untungla.. skarang dah kawen pn kan dorang ni? ;)