Week 9

10:53:00 PM

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Mid semester break was just ended. and here we go week 9. and yeah week 9 and above is the most hectic week with assignments, midterms, presentation and such.

Things to do :

[/]Esaimen Sirah Rasul - Ma'na sirah sohihah | 11/11 * dh siap kot tp takpayah hntr kot*
[/]Mid Term Exam subjek Tarikh Mazahib wal Fatawa | 12/11
[/]Mid Term Exam subjek  Ulum Al-Quran | 14/11
[/]Mid Term Exam subjek Law | 21/11
[/]Mid Term Exam subjek Mabahith Hukum | 22/11
[/]Summary Ulum AlQuran | 14/11
[/]Esaimen Sirah Rasul- Ibn Hisham | 20/11
[  ]Presentation + written submission Law | 8/12
[  ]Hafal Hadith 40 | early December
[/]Presentation Sirah Rasul | 22/11
[  ]Written Submission Fiqh Muamalat (BBA)
[/]Written Submission Mabahith Al-Hukm
[/]Presentation Tarikh Mazahib wal Fatawa (2nd round) 
[/]Presentation Fiqh Muamalat (BBA)
[/]Presentation Mabahith Al-Hukm

Allahumma yaseer wala tuasser.. 
May Allah ease everything fr me and i can work at best :')

semester threeee! :D Hope we can survive this semester better than previous semester , yeaaaaaaah! #TLC01

okay byee , Mid sem exam was approaching very soon yet i still have so many things to do plus notes and books need to read fr the exam.

by Yours Truly,

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  1. all the best! singgah sambil follow! :D #805

  2. all the best for you dear..