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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Assalamualaikum. March,here we time flies so fast as i wrote this entry at the end of Feb back then but just having the chance to post it today.Took me almost three weeks after my forth semester had began to actually in this blog. Remembering what Madam Dina said in the last lecture that we must always writing. Alhamdulillah my forth semester went well *atleast for me* i actually survived and try to survive with all those things and need to juggle between study and keja2 persatuan. Feels good to be reuniting with fellow classmates haha padahal sebulan je tak jumpaa. Okay then i'm sorry for my short hiatus bcs i'm spending and enjoying my time my semester break with le beloved family , Family bonding gituww. Just so you know this semester i got so many madam and ustazah rather than last semester which is all of 'em are man , man people haha. Well this semester are just to be same like the previous semester as i'm having class as early as 8 in the morning, Everyday! and will last at 4pm. 

so this is basically what i will learn in this semester. Nampak ja sumaa dalam Bahasa Melayu kann but the fact is it's either dalam Bahasa Arab or Bahasa Inggeris.
I got Guaman Syarie for Elective Subject.

Having cool blog after a long hectic day at college. Thankyouu Mun bcs drive all the way to Giant hee and Thankyouu Sam fr the delicious King's donat!

Our first weekend. 

Le beloved classmate ! feels good to be reuniting again.

pose like we used to be.

2/3/2013 : IM4U : UITM PUNCAK ALAM *muka penat habes*

Kain Pelikat. *asal cam rendah semacam ni*

Yours Truly 

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  1. =) . Salam rindu... chaiyok2 utk sem nie.. =)

  2. "amazing huh?' hahaha.

    perasan tak, di setiap gambar ada muka sape? :'O kecuali gambar 1 dan 2.

    okbai XD

  3. amal alololo comeinya hampa. macam bnyk je kredit sem ney. bittaufiq wannajah. acei kami pandai cakap arab dah. hehe :)

    Moga segala urusan amal juga akan dipermudahkan Allah Taala. ;)

  4. g.luck on your semester & salam kenal ye :)