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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Alhamdulillah i got chosen as one of their beauty ambassador.Yayyy, a million of thanks to Natta Cosme for sending me this beauty box and yeahh this is my first beauty box. currently, there were so many beauty box brand in Malaysia. you just name it! 

Have you been heard about Natta Cosme before? I came across when i read abt this product from blog kak Fyna.

Natta Cosme start their online and retail business since 2011. Natta Cosme provides numerous beauty products that brings out the true physical beauty of the people. These products include skin care, body wash, and make up set.

This is my first date with Natta Cosme, before this i have read and saw a lot of good reviews abt this product. What special in Natta Cosme and why its different from other beauty box brand in Malaysia ? i love the packaging so much and its will definitely surprising you  when you open the box that you do not know what is in inside. the thing is , when you subscribe with their website plus with very affordable price you will enjoy and get many different best thing. Cuba bayangkan satu kotak tu lepastu macam2 adaa, dari skincare product, shampoo, and all things.

i'm in love with every single of these product. too cute to resist!

'Daddy told me not to date stranger,
only date w someone who really cares abt me which is NATTA COSME'. i'm a happy person bcs this is my first date w Natta Cosme.

Lennox/NEW Lennox FirmUp Collagen (Grapeseed Extract)

will share my review on this once i consume this product but i hv read a lot of reviews on how good this product work. cannot wait to try this, hope it will work on my skin though. the important thing, its HALAL.

Kiss Lip Softsense V(Scent of Vanilla)

Contains Vanilla fruit extract and milk-derived ingredient and cacao butter. 
i personally using this lip balm right now and i really love this  bcs its smell like chocolate as i'm a huge fan of cacao butter.

Beauty Diary Collagen Firming Mask

Sexy Look Hello Kitty Rose Whitening & Moisturizing Mask

my personal review, this mask has a good smell, not to much. i mean bau diaa tak wangi melampau sebab some mask wangi that i cannot bear with it.

AM+PM 24HRS All Day No Shine Sebum Balancer

this product is highly recommended for those who have an oily skin.

please subscribe to their website to enjoy the best beauty box :

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  1. bestnyaa.. hihi. salu licha subscribe modbox je. :)
    bw here

  2. seems good! i never tried their beauty box though, maybe i shall give it a try ^_^

  3. 1 box of beauty products.. macam best jew...

  4. kiutnya.... tunggu review...