Laser Tag Party with Laser Warzone for The Butterfly Project Anniversary

12:22:00 AM

Assalamualaikum and Hi! :'D

Thankyou TBP for inviting me to join TBP Anniversary and laser tag party. sebelum ni memang dah selalu sangat denga blogger2 lain main laser tag, so bila dah dapat invitation ni haruslahh pegi walaupunn nampak macam seram but yet exciting! Thankyou Tammy and Sis Ayna for organizing this :')

Good food! sempat makan nasi lemak, mee. and sandwich! the food tasted so well :')

Good place. dekat sini diorang jugak ada sediakan tempat untuk nak buat party. while group lain tengah main dekat dalam, kita bole tengoh dkt screen yang disediakan dalam ruangan ni the group zapping each other .

The rules before you start playing. don't worry there will have some explanation about how to play from their assistance.

cc : Laser warzone

you need to wear this. dekat setiap vest yang kita pakai dah ada siap nama. so that nanti nak check score yang kita dapat, check through nama dekat vest tu laa. kalau tembak bahagian depan dapat laa 50 points, kalau belakang 100 points. that moment bila kita semangat je tembak orang tuuu and at the same time kita tak perasan ada orang dekat belakang kita yang tengah tembak kita juga.

cc : The Butterfly project

so how it look inside ? look scary kann? tapi biasaa ja :P  my tips here, dont wear white tshirt sebab nanti glowing orang senang nampak.

cc :

muka muka juara! haha. i dont remember how many time we played but first game semua bole tembak tak kisah tak ikut group sebab nak biasakan dengan tempat dulu kann. nanti dekat luar ada scoreboard, so kita bole laa tahu kita score berapa tadi. yayy wearing kain is not that problem laa because i managed to get at the top ranking laa haha ,at least not the last person yang score paling bawah. 

Here my team members : Team Laser Fly! we could not expected that we won in first place. when they annouced the winner with the last place, i already expected that it would be our group, then bila umum kumpulan won the fourth place. lepastuu kak sabby cakap our group will be in third place. then bila umum lagi other group yang memang. sampai laa diorang announce that team laser fly won 1st place. we are extremely happy and of course tak percaya. I love you laser fly! though this is our first time meeting, but all of you are so friendly. that moment when you're zapping your own team member. Haha.

so here what i had bring back to home : a goodies bag that contains so many things and of course the medal.

see! macam macam ada.

 who want ?

with the beautiful bloggers : Mieza Everdeen, Sabrina Azmi, Sabrina Tajuddin, Mira Cikcit, Anis Farhana, Izzati Ghafur. Glad to meet them!

Thankyou Mieza teman pegi sekali and tumpangkann lagi. thankyou Anis sebab bwk pegi jejalan ikea :') hope to see both of you soon!

cc : Laser warzone

the price range.

For more information visit here :


*some pictures are credited to the The Butterfly Project (FB)  and Laser Warzone (FB)*

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  1. you're welcome darling :) i was happy to meet you again there, hopefully there will always be next time ^_^